Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Allocation 2015/16

The Pupil Premium is allocated funding for eligible children.  The allocation for Mattersey Primary School in the financial year 15/16 was £19,800.  Our focus for all children in on quality first teaching with timely and appropriate intervention where necessary.  We have used some of the Pupil Premium budget to directly support individuals with additional interventions and the remaining part to fund whole-school initiatives which will impact directly on the education of children eligible for the Pupil Premium.


Our targeted funding was used in this way:

Name of Intervention

Funding Allocated to this Intervention

Early Years 1-1 Interventions


KS1 1-1 Interventions


Switch on Reading


Switch on Writing


Inference Training


Contributions to clubs and visits


Pastoral Interventions





Our whole-school training initiatives:

Name of Initiative

Contribution to collaboration initiative

Achievement for All




Speech and Language Training


The Big Question






Total Spending: £19,818

Impact: Due to very small cohorts of children, the pupil attainment data cannot be published as individuals might be identified.




Pupil Premium Allocation 2014/15






Available to all year groups throughout the year

£10 per eligible pupil per trip (three annually)

After School Club Provision


Available to all year groups throughout the year

Mattersey Wraparound Club


Since April 2014

School Milk


Apr 2013 - Dec 2014

TA Support/Interventions


Available to all year groups throughout the year to allow some TA time to support classes during the mornings (smaller adult:children ratios)

One-to-One Intervention/Targeted Support


Child in Y5 to maintain being in education.

Counselling Support for Identified Individuals


To support emotional development in order to support access to school and learning

River Cottage Chef: Robert Jessop


To educate both parents and children around nutrition and preparation of meals

Milk for Free School Meal Pupils (x 7)


From January 2015 to April 2015

Milk for Free School Meals Pupils (x7)

32.76 to date

From May 2015 to July 2015

Nursery support to develop early language and literacy


Funds allocated to FT TA support in Nursery, and to enable retention of small class sizes

E-Safety Training (22/09/2014)



Private Tuition for LAC individual



Total allocated: £19,500 + £1,260 = £20,760

Total expenditure: £20,760


Pupil Premium Allocation 2013/14

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Pupil Premium Allocation 2012/2013


Pupil Premium is additional funding allocated to schools annually, based on the number of children eligible for Free School Meals or registered as Looked After. Below is a breakdown of how the school plans to spend the grant in the financial year 2012/2013.


Early intervention      £1200
Purchase of phonics based reading books      £300
Subsidising Educational visits/enrichment activities      £300
Learning Mentors for each KS2 child eligible for FSM  £2500
Staff Training on ‘Switch On’ Literacy intervention        £200
Running ‘Switch On’ – individualised intervention    £1000
Extra classroom support in for Reception/KS1      £700
Targeted one to one support      £1000
   Total £7200


Impact of Pupil Premium Spending 2011/2012

Progress over the year is measured in Average Point Scores. 3 points progress across the year indicates satisfactory progress and 4 points across the year indicates good progress.

At Mattersey the progress of children eligible for Free School Meals was:


Average point gains in reading: 6.6

Average point gains in writing: 3.7

Average point gains in maths:  3.7