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After many gruelling planning meetings over the last few months, our "Party in the Playground" finally came to fruition not only to celebrate St George's Day, but HM The Queen's 90th birthday. 

It was a great day and the weather was kind with lots of sunshine despite the threat of an Arctic blast from the north.  The event raised a whooping £941 so well done to everyone for all their hard work and support.  

There will be a more detailed report from the PTFA detailing winners of the Cake Competition, Chocolate Hamper Raffle, Balloon Race and lots more, both on the drop-down link above and their newsletter, which will be published soon.  

In the meantime please do peruse and enjoy the photos below, kindly taken by Nathan Story:

On Thursday 24 March 2016, Mattersey Primary School held its first Messy Church in collaboration with Bawtry and Bassetlaw's School's Deanery.

Jacqui Jones of the School's Deanery led the session with support from Reverend Jonathan Strickland and school staff.  It was great to see so many pupils, parents, teachers and governors enjoy this family event together.  Thank you so much for all who showed support by attending.

So, what did we think children?

"I enjoyed doing all the activities.  My favorite activity was the potato printing with Miss Corcoran.  I enjoyed the food.  We got jacket potatoes and a cookie.  I enjoyed it when we tried the herbs and salty water.  I hope we do it again."

(Elle-Mae, aged 11)

A massive thank you to the Deanery for contributions towards the cost of the evening meal!

The Elizabethan Academy works very closely with Mattersey Primary School and we pride ourselves on being part of their family of schools.

Our students in years five and six frequently participate in a range of extracurricular activities designed to aid the transition process. Behind the scenes staff also work in close collaboration to ensure a seamless transition between key stages 2 and 3.  

If you wish to find out more information about the Elizabethan Academy, please click on the link below:

Link to the Elizabethan Academy's website

Mattersey Village Show - Saturday 25 June 2016

The PTFA of Mattersey Primary School have decided to provide an event that is an annual occasion for the community. As a PTFA their vision is to strive to bring the wider community closer to our small rural school. They also strive to bring an upbeat spirit to the community.

As such, the they would like to organise a village show for the people of Mattersey and Mattersey Thorpe and beyond in order to promote their belief that, as a community, they would be better equipped to tackle the challenges that rural-communities face. Recent studies have shown that communities across the UK are more fragmented and provide a lower sense of belonging than that of 40 years ago. A village show will aim to demonstrate how the simple first steps of sharing a cup a tea and a slice of cake can start to change how people feel as part of their wider community.

Around 40-45 years ago, Mattersey held its last annual village show but somewhere through the mists of time this tradition had been lost.  Therefore, the PTFA have decided that 2016 marks a good year to bring back this annual event for the villages of Mattersey and Mattersey Thorpe.   If all goes to plan, once again, the community can enjoy and share a day full of good old fashioned fun and prosperity.
If you would like more information on this up and coming event please visit their website by clicking on the link below:

Mattersey Primary School News

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Curriculum News

"Religious Education for All"

RE in Nottinghamshire is changing...

In September 2015, schools in the County of Nottinghamshire were issued with the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, “RE for All”. Through the use of the Syllabus we use RE to enable our pupils to gain insights and knowledge to equip them as responsible members in our society. The Syllabus we follow encourages pupils to discover more about religion and world views on a range of topics. They are encouraged to express ideas and insights into key questions which face all human beings as we travel through life. The three fold aims of RE in Nottinghamshire will ensure that our pupils:

1. know and understand a range of religions and world views which will allow them to recognise diversity which exists in our society.

2. can express ideas and insights about the nature, significance and the impact of religions and world views as they develop their own personal views on a range of issues

3. develop and use skills which will assist them to engage seriously with religions and world views

By following the Agreed Syllabus, RE will contribute to a whole range of school priorities. Their study will promote spiritual, cultural, social and moral development, as well as enabling them to consider British Values such as tolerance and respect for other who hold different world views.

If you would like to know more about the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus a copy is available for you to read in the school.

PTFA Relaunch

We are proud to have had the opportunity to relaunch Mattersey Primary School's Parent, Teacher, Friend Association (PTFA).

Members have been working really hard since September organising several fundraising activities for the school including a Spooktacular costume themed Mad Monster Bash plus a Pyjama Non-Uniform Day and of course our hugely successful Party in the Playground.

Members meet regularly to discuss ways of raising funds for the school.  The next project will be the Mattersey Village Show.

The PTFA have also been busy refurbishing the school's garden and the children's playground. They carried out a big 'dig day' over the Easter holidays, with many volunteers turning up with spades and forks...what a huge difference to the look of the garden now!  The children are delighted and are now looking forward to making the most of it over the next Summer Term.  Well done everyone for helping out.

If you would like to catch up on what they have been up to, please take a look at their newsletters on PTFA page on this website.  

If you would like to be involved in any of the fundraising activities, please do not hesitate to contact any of the members or telephone school on 01777 817265.